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browse not opening image
#1 Posted : Monday, December 30, 2013 7:46:12 PM(UTC)
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I installed the SImpleImageUploader via nuget into VS2010. I was hoping to provide a simple solution to free crop images on a website I'm building.

However, when I click the "Browse" button and select an image, the button temporarily changes to "Cancel Upload..." while it uploads the image, but then nothing happens. I see no image in the control. I am getting new files in my /app_data folder and all the settings in web.config appear to be present (thanks to nuGet). I changed one of the .tmp files into .jpg and it was the image I uploaded. However the image doesn't appear in the control. Any ideas?

So, then I tried pre-loading an image in the Page_Load event using the LoadImageFromFileSystem() method ... which will actually cause the image to appear in the control (and create some other temporary files in /app_data). i am able to then click "Edit" and crop the image. However, click the "OK" button, the crop modal disappears and the image in the control doesn't show my cropped image, but rather the original.

I did download the examples which all appear to work fine (ie: I am not getting the same issues I get in my project).

Any ideas? Some kind of disconnect with the temporary files? here's my web.config:

        <compilation debug="true" strict="false" explicit="true" targetFramework="4.0" />

                <add tagPrefix="ccPiczard" namespace="CodeCarvings.Piczard.Web" assembly="CodeCarvings.Piczard" />
                <add tagPrefix="ccPiczardUC" tagName="SimpleImageUpload" src="~/piczardUserControls/simpleImageUploadUserControl/SimpleImageUpload.ascx" />
            <!-- Add the Piczard HttpHandler -->
            <!-- Piczard - Important information: Remove or comment the following *add* line if you are using IIS 7/8 Integrated Pipeline Mode with validateIntegratedModeConfiguration = True (HTTP error 500.22/500.23). -->
            <add verb="*" path="piczardWebResource.ashx" validate="false" type="CodeCarvings.Piczard.Web.WebResourceManager, CodeCarvings.Piczard" />
        The system.webServer section is required for running ASP.NET AJAX under Internet
        Information Services 7/8.  It is not necessary for previous version of IIS.
        <modules runAllManagedModulesForAllRequests="true" />
            <!-- Add the Piczard HttpHandler -->
            <add name="PiczardWebResource" verb="*" path="piczardWebResource.ashx" preCondition="integratedMode" type="CodeCarvings.Piczard.Web.WebResourceManager, CodeCarvings.Piczard" />
        <validation validateIntegratedModeConfiguration="false" />

    <!-- Piczard configuration sections -->
            <drawing maxImageSize="5000, 5000" />
            <imageArchiver defaultJpegQuality="92" defaultQuantizeGifImages="true" />
            <security defaultEncryptionKey="Place here your random key (alphanumeric / 10..20 chars)" />
                <!-- Register here your Piczard Plugins. -->
                <!-- === EXAMPLE: DeBrand Plugin for Piczard by Digivogue - http://digivogue.com/products/Piczard-DeBrand/ ===
                <plugin type="Digivogue.Plugins.Piczard.DeBrand.DeBrandPiczardPlugin, Digivogue.Plugins.Piczard.DeBrand">
                    <license number="..." key="..." />
                ========= -->
            <webResource enableCompression="true" />
            <pictureTrimmer useTemporaryFiles="true" />
            <!-- Set useTemporaryFiles to false if you don't want let Piczard ceate temporary files  -->
            <pictureTrimmer autoDeleteTemporaryFiles="true" />
            <temporaryFileManager folderPath="~/App_Data/PiczardTempFiles" autoDeleteFiles="true" maxFileLifeTime="180"/>
    <!-- Allow * Access to the Piczard HttpHandler (required when using Asp.Net Authentication) -->
    <location path="piczardWebResource.ashx">
                <allow users="*" />
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